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3D metal printed shredder gear

Metal 3D printed spare gear for the shredder.

3Д печать шестерни из металла нержавеющая сталь
Metal 3D printing, stainless steel

The part was 3D printed of metal powder. The mating shaft had slots, but we couldn't measure them because the shaft was fixed and there was no access to the equipment. Therefore, we decided to make an internal adapter sleeve made of plastic for a rigid fit on the shaft. To avoid turning the sleeve in the gear, both the sleeve and the hole for it were made hexagonal. The use of 3D metal printing made it possible to produce the product in 2 days, as well as to make grooves with sharp internal corners without using special equipment. The printing time is 1.5 hours.

After leaving the 3D printer, the gear was not subjected to additional processing. View of the part before installing the adapter sleeve.

3D печать металлом - шестерня
3D metal printing - gear

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