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Сost-effective and multipurpose machine for general printing .

3D metal printer
3D printed metal compressor wheel

It is the major model for 2020-2022 and a great choice for general printing. We proud of excellent balance of cost and capabilities. 

Small features from 0.1mm, parts up to 220mm height. 

Things we love in 3DLAM Mid

300W/500W IPG Photonics fiber laser
Or more for higher printing rate. We use only the best lasers for any of our printers, with long term stability. 

Custom firmware and hardware

We take the more of every component with our custom firmware. Custom hardware makes it even more efficient. 

Absolute encoders
Absolute encoders for better stability even after power loss. You can pause printing for the weekend and restore the process at ease.

C5/C3 grade precision ballscrews
Precision ground ballscrews guarantees equal layer's height to get better models uniformity and less porosity.

Print master
Easy but powerful software which makes you printing from the start as an experienced user. 

Materials library
Predefined programs for selected materials. To get better and reliable results in every print.

Air or water-cooled laser source
Water cooling gives more stability of the laser emission, which leads to better printing results

Recirculating inert atmosphere
Recirculation helps to reduce inert gas consumption. Typically, the printer consumes about 2-3 liters per minute or even less.

Remote diagnostics and monitoring
Remote monitoring allows you to know what's happening with the printer even if you are at the other side of the earth. 

Functional characteristics


building volume

220mm height 

(more than 8 21/32")

300W / 500W laser 

or more for higher printing rate


(more than 5 7/8")


(ask for 110V)


recirculating inert atmosphere


width / 4.8ft


length / 2.5ft


height / 6,2ft

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