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You won't need more than

one button

There are two buttons actually, but we hope you will never need to push the red one.

additive manufacturing metal printer
additive manufacturing 3D metal printer

Easy to fix platform

Only one screw that fixes the building platform absolutely horizontal. No detachable parts no bolts and nuts that you can loose.

3D metal printers

Push to open doors

Soft-close for all doors. We can not allow you to slam the door.

print 3d metal parts

No handles, no keys, no screws. You just open, close and 3D print.

Electric lock

3D metal printers

Easy cleaning

Detachable hosepipes, service position for platform's sealing cleaning, That's all you need to clean the machine.

Metal printers 3D

Retractable argon diffusor

It is up when it is needed. Once the 3D printing is done, the diffusor is put down giving easy access to the platform and making cleaning easy.

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