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ПО для 3D печати металлами


Netfabb 2020

Unleash the power of your 3DLAM printer with Netfabb Premium or Netfabb Ultimate

Automatic part repair

Import, analyze, and repair models. Import models from a variety of CAD formats and use automatic repair tools to correct errors quickly.  Work with complex parts which have a lot of surfaces.

Hollowing and Lattice filling? Easy. Reduce printing time and powder consumption with just several clicks.

Adaptive filling. Print stronger part for less time, metal powder and cost

Simulation is effective saving of time and resouces.

Metal powder bed fusion
Use multiscale modeling to predict the thermal and mechanical response of parts and help reduce build failures. 

Small scale simulation

Generate PRM files based on chosen material and process parameters for increased accuracy.

Detect recoater interference
Identify possible build failures with powder bed processes that may cause equipment damage.

Calculate residual stresses
Accurately calculate residual stresses and strains built up during the AM process to identify likely regions of failure.

Compensate for distortion
Automatically compensate geometries based on simulation results to achieve the desired shape when printed.

Simulate stress relief
Design appropriate heating cycles for post-processing by inputting the temperature vs. time curve of the desired process.



And even more

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