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Intuitive like never before. Top-level equipment with an interface of the washing machine. You already know how to use it. 

Huge buttons

Huge enough for fingers even in gloves, You do not have to type anything. The machine knows what you want. Even knobs have become big for easy operation.

3D metal printer tutorial

You are the 3D Print master. With our brand new GUI, you do not need any manuals, all the manuals are animated and onscreen.  

Different materials

They all are in our library. Just pick the one you want to 3D print. Predefined setups for your favourite materials are waiting for you. Want to use something special? Our specialists can make a recipe for you to get the best results with it.

3D metal printer materials

Even pre-print checklist. Because we do not want you to forget something important.

3D metal printing master

Want something else? 

Wifi access

Remote assistance

USB storage

Shared folder for remote uploads

PIN code security protection

Resume after power loss

Powder volume calculation

While printing parameter tuning

Print logging

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