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Complex geometry parts are easily made now

How often do you have to spend time simplifying products to meet the capabilities of conventional machining? How many additional parts and fasteners have to be used? Imagine that now you have access to a technology that can produce parts of any topology. You can combine different functions in the product - spatial mounting, distribution of liquids and gases through the built-in channels. Simplier design, manufacturing, reduced inventory, and all this brought by the single machine without special tooling.

microjet камера сгорания inconel 718 sm.
3D печать металлами.gif

You will no longer have to blush in front of the production department for complex parts with holes in inaccessible places and undercuts. You can't even imagine how 3D metal printing will change the approach of design and production.

​Do you often use difficult-to-process alloys? Do you have high requirements for the corrosion resistance of products? Do you want to reduce the weight of your product or improve its performance? 3D metal printing will help you find a solution to all these problems.

3d печать изделий из металла.JPG

3D metal printing replaced 92 parts with just one

Additive technologies in the field of turbojet engines has significantly increased their efficiency. The number of parts was reduced from 118 to 12. Due to this, the procedure for manufacturing of the finished product has been simplified by 4 times. The weight of the engine made using 3D metal printing decreased by 20%. The combustion chamber was optimized, which increased the efficiency of the engine. Design and production preparation time of the engine was reduced in a half. It become possible to make changes to the design of the engine without changing the technological process of production.

turbojet engine explode.gif
3D печать металлом турбореактивный двига

After the introduction of 3D metal printing, the production documentation for the product was reduced by 5 times

3D metal printing replaced more than 6 units of equipment required for the production of the engine. Significantly reduced manual labor and the likelihood of product defects.

​On the basis of the jet engine, several different products related to high-temperature combustion of the fuel were developed.

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