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3D print Inconel 718
heat-resistant alloy

Inconel 718 it is a heat-resistant alloy based on nickel and chrome. In addition to heat resistance, Inconel 718 and its analogues have high corrosion resistance. Due to the difficulty of mechanical processing, the use of Inconel 718 in 3D printing with metals has become widespread.

Inconel 718 alloy is well welded so it is applicable for additive manufacturing of machine parts by selective laser melting (SLM). Inconel 718 3D printing powders are widely available and produced by many manufacturers around the world.

Heat-resistant alloys have a high melting point, thus the 3D metal printing process requires a relatively higher power of laser radiation. 3DLAM 3D printers are equipped with IPG-photonics 300W lasers (or more), which makes them capable of printing parts made of Inconel 718 alloy and its analogues at scanning speed up to 1100mm/s.

3D printind inconel 718

Typical 3D metal printing products from Inconel 718

Most often in 3D printing Inconel 718 we see parts that are exposed to high temperatures: 

  • 3D printed turbines and turbine blades

  • jet engine parts 3D printed of Inconel

  • engine nozzles and exhaust pipes 

  • high-temperature injectors 

  • chemical reactors as well can be 3D printed from Inconel 718

But there are also non-standard applications. Details printed on a 3D printer from Inconel 718 has a slightly golden colour, so you can make decorative items from it.

Inconel 718 powders for 3D printing

The requirements to Inconel 718 powders for 3D printing are the same as to stainless steel powders. Basic requirements compliance with stable granulometric composition and spherical shape. Inconel 718 powder for 3D printing does require additional safety precautions for storage and transportation. The powder does not corrode, but it is better to store metal powders for 3D printing in a controlled atmosphere.

3d печать металлом inconel 718 1000.jpg

The basis of the Inconel 718 alloy is nickel and chromium. This explains the heat and chemical resistance of the alloy. The printing scanning speed and emission power rates for 3D printing are selected based on the powder alloy composition.

Order 3D printing from Inconel 718

You can order 3D printing of parts from Inconel 718 or its analogues at the 3DLAM additive manufacturing centre in Saint-Petersburg.

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