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​3D metal printing in dental laboratories

Modern dentistry is strongly connected with digital technologies. Almost every dental laboratory has a 3D scanner and everything you need to prepare models. What can 3D  metal printing offer for dentistry? First of all, this is the production of crowns and bridges by 3D printing from metal.

3DLAM metal 3D printers can significantly expand the capabilities of any dental laboratory.

3d печать кобальт-хром 24001500.JPG

The production rate of 3D metal printers is 30 units per hour

High accuracy of 3D metal printing gives a tight fit for 4-7 units wide bridges with a cement gap of 0.65-0.75. For individual products, the gap value can be selected from 0.5.

The surface of products made on 3D printers on metal provides the best adhesion due to the developed surface layer.

3d печать мостов стоматология 24001500.J

Photos 3D printed metal bridges

The photos show the bridges and caps immediately after the 3D printing process. Some of the photos show supports left on them.

Which 3D metal printer to choose for a dental laboratory

The main model of 3D metal printers for dental laboratories is the 3DLAM Mini. It has a working area with a diameter of 90 mm, which covers maximum size of a dental product or 150 individual products at the same time.

The performance of the 3DLAM Mini metal 3D printer is 30 units per hour. The higher model 3DLAM Mid has the same performance, as it is equipped with the same laser source. To increase the productivity of your lab, we recommend purchasing several 3DLAM Mini printers.

3DLAM Mini 3D printer has an optimal size for dental laboratories, it requires a minimum amount of powder for printing and a smaller amount of inert gas to clean the atmosphere in the printing chamber comparing to other models of 3D printers. The 3DLAM Mini 3D printer passes through standard office doors, enters the passenger elevator, so that you can easily deliver and place it in your dental laboratory. 3DLAM Mini pover supply is 220V, and during the working process consumes average of less than 1 kW.

3d принтеры по металлу производство Росс

You can learn more about the possibilities of 3D printing with metals for dentistry in our training center, for an appointment and consultation, please contact our specialists or our official representatives in your region.

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