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The laser is the heart of the machine.  It is one of the most important parts of our metal 3D printer. That is why we have chosen IPG photonics - one of the best-known laser manufacturer.

The laser does half of the job. On the beam quality depends how well the powder will be melted. Stability of the power during the 3D printing grants part's solidity. Long life-time without service being  required makes IPG fiber lasers excellent choice for metal 3D printing.

best lasers for metal printing

Laser average power is not so high, about 200W, but if you focus it in the spot 100um you have a power of the sunlight multiplied by 10 000 000. Ten million times brighter than the sun. You definitely would not like to look at it. That is why we use OD8+/OD10+  class protective glass. For more safety, we recommend to observe the printing process on the screen through the camera integrated into the building chamber.

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