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Metal gears 3D printing

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

3D printing of the worm gear according to the customer's 3D model. Manufacturing gears with non-standard parameters of a small series is a headache for engineers and managers. It is almost impossible to find a production that can produce a small batch of gears in a reasonable time, with the specified parameters and tooth profile. To make unique gears, you need to set up the equipment, find the fixtures and the workpiece. All this leads to a huge cost of seemingly simple parts. But modern technologies suggest a way out - metal 3D printing. The production time for this gear is 4 days, 1 of which is the day of the order, and 2 are the weekend. As a result, the item was sent to the customer on the day of payment received.

The material of manufacture is stainless steel powder PR-03H17N12M2 for 3D metal printing by JSC "Polema". The powder fraction is 20-45um. The layer thickness is 50um.

The gears are made on a 3DLAM Mid2019 metal 3D printer. Printing time 50 minutes.

There are 4 M4 threaded holes in the gear's hubs. The threads were included into a 3D model and were completely printed out of metal.

3D printed worm gear, stainless steel
3D printed worm gear

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