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3D metal printed custom cyclone filter

The cyclone type filter-separator made of stainless steel is printed on a 3D metal printer 3DLAM Mid2019 at the 3DLAM additive manufacturing center in Saint-Petersburg. The use of 3D printing technology made it possible to reduce the production of a prototype to 4 days. The printing time is 25 hours. Part height is 207 mm.

The filter-separator is made with 4 active chambers to accelerate the flow rate. All connecting pipes have a 12 mm thread.

Custom cyclone filter 3D printed of stainless steel
3D metal pringing of stainless steel

A distinctive feature of this part is the impossibility of removing supports from the internal cavities of cyclones. As a result of specially selected parameters of the selective laser melting process, it was possible to print overhanging surfaces with angles of 25 and 14 degrees without using supporting structures. Typically you will see supporting structures on every surface with an overhang angle less than 45 degrees. In the following photos, you can see the inner surface of the product.

The wall thickness of the cyclone filter separator is 0.8 mm.

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