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3D printed metal part with internal cooling channels

In our center for additive technologies, two parts with internal cooling channels were printed from metal. The channel size is 0.6 and 0.8 mm. The cooling channel passes spirally through the part wall, makes 4.5 turns, and exits in the center of the part. 3D printing material - stainless steel powder for 3D metal printing PR-07H18N12M2 produced by Polema JSC. The powder fraction is 25-40 microns. The layer thickness is 50 microns.

3D печать металлом внутренних каналов охлаждения
3D printed internal cooling channels in a solid metal part

As a result of 3D printing with metal, both channels are blown. Despite the fact that the channels are almost horizontal, the correct selection of the powder melting parameters during the printing process allows you to print such channels without using supporting structures. In this case, the channel has a round shape. to improve the quality of the upper wall of the channels when using 3D printing with metals, we recommend using a teardrop shape.

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