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3D printing of metal cases for electronic components

At the request of the micro-electronics manufacturer, a test of 3D printing of the metal case for electronic components was conducted. One of the advantages of 3D metal printing is the ability to produce parts with sharp internal corners. Making sharp internal corners using classical methods is difficult.

Printing material: metal powder for 3D printing PR-H15N5D4B produced by Polema JSC. The case wall thickness is 0.5 mm. The layer thickness is 50 microns.

A nice feature of 3D metal printing is a simple procedure of model preparation before 3D printing. Even in the manufacture of single products, the cost and production time are significantly lower than in classical machining. Using 3D metal printing, you can get a ready-made prototype or final product in a few days or even a few hours after placing an order, regardless of the complexity of the part.

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